Great Horse Stuff



There are lots of great ideas and products for horses, horse farms, and horse owners.  This page is devoted to bringing you some of those ideas and products.  In addition, you will find some links that may interest you.  Check out this GREAT HORSE STUFF!

  • Reinhold’s Horse Wellness

    Reinhold’s offers the Finest quality, German made, professional grade grooming brushes. I use these on my horses and couldn’t be happier.  Reinhold’s carries plenty of other ‘must have’ supplies for your everyday needs. Check them out by clicking here.

    Equine Wellness Magazine is one that focuses on great natural products, training, and horse information.  They have even been kind enough to invite me to write several articles for them.  To see the latest on line version, check  Check  out the December 2013-January 2014 & the February/March 2014 Issues!!!  I have articles in those issues just for you!

  • Renegade Boots – now available through Sherri!

    If you have a horse whose feet are in transition from wearing shoes or that have other hoof issues, I can now order,  fit and  help you use  RENEGADE BOOTS.   These are awesome quality, easy to use, and comfortable for the horse.   A great balanced trim by Better Be Barefoot and a pair of Renegade’s for rugged terrain- LIFE IS GOOD!!!

    fashion colors available!


  • Soft-Ride Equine Boots

    Soft Ride equine boots are a product I have just started using and I have had rave reviews!  They can cushion your horse during trailering or when in a stall or you can use the special inserts for lamintitis.  They promote comfort which makes your horse more willing to move and keeps stress at bay.   I recently put a pair on an insulin resistant horse with laminitis and she immediately let out a big sigh and closed her eyes in comfort as if to say “where have you been hiding these sneakers?”    Contact me for more information.