Great Horse Folks

In the course of traveling from place to place to perform trims, I run across a lot of people who have “horsey” knowledge and items to share.  Below are a few links to others that may be able to assist or interest you.1225303009p5L5Ju1.6395500_std

“allow me to put a little bug in your ear…..”

The Trail Rider Magazine

American’s premiere trail and pleasure riding magazine

See Sherri featured in the November/December issue – page 20!


A writer and natural horseman

Nature’s Pathways

Herbals for you and your horse – Mary Beth Trenchard- product & consultations

Pete Ramey hoof care

Pete Ramey            

Have your hay,grain or pasture tested 

Have training needs:

Try Sweet Release Equestrian!

Jolene is the owner of Sweet Release Equestrian center. All of your training needs can be met with Jolene.

Sweet Release Equstrian

Fly Control

Natural Insect Control

Nutritional requirements for horses

Great getaway with your horse (B&B)

Just a word….

The sites on this page are ones that you may enjoy.  I am not attesting to any of the products or endorsing the24355_400310201120_731951120_4381042_6874921_s1.311165636_std products, but I can say that my experiences have been positive. Everyone wants something different in their horse vendors and services. These are a few that blend with my work.